It would be not at all wrong to say that 'technology is omnipresent'. With the passage of time, technology has had a drastic makeover. An innovative digital technological concept – eMenu developed by Azilen, is the pioneer in launching the digital menu revolutionizing the historic ordering concept through the paper based menu.

eMenu comes alive on stylish tablets as well as on network LCD screens located on tables of restaurants and hotels, offering patrons a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services.

Patrons desire
  • Good & efficient customer service
  • Minimum amount of waiting period to order & receive food and make payment
  • Easy browse through the menu at their leisure to find desired item and make the best choice based on what they see
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises for the order placed by them
  • Memorable & relished experience with the restaurant's food & services offered
How eMenu works?
eMenu- How eMenu works?
eMenu is a proven investment in strengthening your brand identity and loyalty. Using networked LCD touch screens installed at each table, with a touch on the screen the patrons can:

  • Visualize the menu with vivid pictures
  • Interact with customers at other tables
  • Get a detailed view of ingredients and calorie intake
  • View the bill and pay on eMenu through credit card
  • Access the on-screen ordering process
  • Enjoy interactive games
  • Ask for the steward on demand
  • Get entertained with latest music, videos and much more
eMenu is thus an efficient way of catering patrons thereby enriching their dinning experience.
Features of eMenu
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