All in One Pc
A modern all-in-one PC has the same capabilities as the best desktop PC. Consumers in the market for an all in one have some added benefits in terms of saving space and reducing the number of installation components.
Thus, eMenu used All-in-One PCs trend in its product to walk with the latest technology as well as introduce the new way of electronic menu system.

eMenu self ordering system is for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafès, Pubs, etc. and designed to replace paper printed menu book.
eMenu all-in-one desktop displays the attractive images of your dishes with ingredients, calories and pricing in accuracy as well as precision. The guest control the mood of their dining experience while self ordering at their convenience and comfort with one touch over the image on the PC Pad screen.

All-in-One PCs are having screen size of 15” to 17”, which can be wall-mounted or table mounted in the restaurants & hotels. The bigger screen size comes with an advantage of pleasure viewing.

The All-In-One PC offers a clutter-free design, easy setup and full-featured compact desktop all rolled into a single monitor space that makes it ideal solution for bigger screen eMenu station requirement. There is a whole range of All-in-One PCs available today with range of customized features.

This All-In-One PC is suitable for both table as well as wall. You can easily fix it on wall and with stand on table. In this way it plays role like a service desk/self-checkout kiosk which cuts down your check in time for the customers with token number. Swipe the credit card on the KIOSK and the system will pull the token information with placed order.

The All-In-One PC brings security against theft and device safety against break down, which totals up zero for the maintenance. If your restaurants tables are adjacent to walls & tables are fixes on the place, All-In-One is a good solution in long run.