Digital Menu for Coffee house
Coffee houses largely serve as centers of social interaction for patrons. The main purpose for people gathering here is not having food but to pass their time with friends and families, engage in formal and social meetings while getting entertained. eMenu helps coffee houses serve their patrons in a unique way.

We know that every coffee house serves a slightly different group of people. So, eMenu is prepared to fulfill each required X-factor of coffee houses. An innovative digital technological concept of eMenu has been developed to revolutionizing the historic ordering concept through the paper based menu.
Benefits of using eMenu in coffee houses:
  • Ideal solution offering games, music and other features to the patrons for killing time
  • Trivia facts and figures
  • Minimum amount of waiting period to receiving the order and make payment
  • Internet surfing while enjoying your favorite coffee
  • Chat feature to converse with patrons at other tables
  • Effective strategic tool that helps with an increase in the total revenue and sales of the coffee house
  • Minimum amount of waiting period to order & receive food and make payment
  • Enjoy favorite television serials, live match on sports channel, etc
  • Dish customization feature and attractive visuals letting the patrons order
eMenu results in quick and well-organized service, guest would not require to get an eye contact for the server to place order and as well as ask for the bill. Moreover, eMenu eliminate the need of human intervention and ordering errors. Use of eMenu in your coffee houses lets you to stay ahead of others in offering timely, accurate and efficient ordering process.

eMenu is perfect choice for all successful coffee house owners who know that time saving and fulfilling desired objective of customers is especially important in this business. It increases the good & efficient customer service of coffee houses.

eMenu strengthen the brand image of the coffee house by offering the memorable & relished experience to the customers of coffee house. Furthermore, eMenu lets coffee houses to entertain their customers with latest music, videos and much more.

So, raise the revenue graph of your coffee houses by exploring the use of innovative technology based eMenu!!!