Digital Menu For Food Court
Food courts offer a variety of food categories to its customers in its unique designed outlet under one roof. However, a troublesome view often seen at the food courts leaves the customer a bit hesitant to relish their favorite food items. So, eMenu for food courts becomes a great solution to cope up with such kind of situations.

Our eMenu helps out the restaurant owners to offer great customer services. In many instances, it does happen that people are not aware of at which outlet their desired food piece would be available and the customer has to move from one outlet to the other for the desired food item. Situations like this makes the customer irritated. However, our eMenu for food court will become your great platform to short out all such kinds of customer oriented problems.
How eMenu works at Food Courts?
Food Courts
eMenu at the food court outlet’s offers the following advantages:
  • Avoid confusion of searching the appropriate food outlet.
  • No need to wait in long queues to place order.
  • Payment facilities offered at the terminal itself.
  • Customer can order different food items from multiple outlets from one terminal installed at their table.
  • Easy browsing of all the multiple food items available at the different outlets.
  • An effective promotional tool to attract customers, as per the research studies, showing that 80% of visitors to a mall visiting a food court.
  • Increased sales through reduction in ordering errors.
  • Reinforced brand image through improved service to customers.
Our eMenu allows you to engage the customer in a visually compelling way, taking them through your offerings in a carefully designed sequence, while concurrently allowing that sequence to be changed as often as preferred at either the store or corporate level. It means you can display featured products on your eMenu board, rotate menus throughout the day as well as simplify allocation of new products/opportunities.
eMenu work in following system for food courts:
  • Patrons browse eMenu and selects food items.
  • Order placed is segregated and sent to respective outlets.
  • Payment is made at eMenu and order is serve to the patrons.
So, plan your offerings seasonally, weekly or daily as well as coordinate new product launches centrally with eMenu.