Digital Menu for Hotels


eMenu is interactive menu for Hotels. It displays the menu in striking colors and offers guest a full range of menu as well as self ordering facilities. Moreover, it simplifies the self ordering the desired meal with click over the image on the screen.

We know that comfort combined with convenience to the guests has always been a primary offering by hotels. However, this can be achieved by hotel with our unique and innovative eMenu.
Following are the benefits offer by eMenu:
  • Attractive photographs of food items help the guests to order more at their convenience from the terminal installed in their room.
  • A detailed description and item modifier selection feature for each and every item.
  • Works as an information kiosk, letting guests to confirm their train or flight schedules.
  • An added facility for the guests to look out for laundry, cab services, surf the tourist maps, etc.
  • Helps in reinforcing hotel’s brand image.
  • Helps to serve the guests in the best manner through the facility of having customer feedback and evaluate the hotel's performance statistically.
  • No unpleasant surprises when the ordered item arrives in guest’s room.
  • Entertainment at finger tips.
A unique offering is the need of the hour to attract maximum guests at hotel; this become very easy for hotel with eMenu as it lets guest would not require to get an eye contact for the server to place order and later ask for additional food or drinks as well as after dining ask for the bill.

There are a number of things that you can put forth to the customer using eMenu. So, lets your customers to select the food by attractive visuals and unique entertainment features at the tip of finger with use of eMenu at your hotel.