Digital Menu for Self Check Kiosks


Different venues offering the self check kiosks find eMenu to be an attractive offering to its customers. More than simple menu cards, our eMenu offers a comprehensive and flexible solution providing operators the ability to customize content instantaneously and to engage the customers’ attention, elevating sales and profits.

eMenu comes in extensive screen layout templates so it becomes great platform for advertisement as well as promotional video frames.
eMenu offers the following advantages:
  • Customers overcome the limitation of waiting in long queues to get their order registered
  • Patrons can place order at their convenience
  • Easy selection of food items to be ordered
  • Detailed description of the food item
  • Helps in queuing order properly and in sequence of that placed from the terminal
  • Assists in reinforcing brand image
  • Great tools to boost revenues & sales through the tantalizing photographs, letting the customer order more
  • Helps to serve the customer in the best manner through the facility of having customer feedback and evaluating the restaurant’s performance statistically
eMenu at self check KIOSK can cut down your check in time for the customers with token number. Swipe the credit card on the KIOSK and the system will pull the token information with placed order. However, when customers click on credit card payment, the KIOSK will dispatch the receipt for the transaction of ordered food.

So, serve your customer oriented needs with eMenu by sharing administration with automated ordering with integration of rich media like images, audio, video, animations.