Digital Menu For Self Service Restaurants
Along with the fast food restaurants, Self Service Restaurants are also benefited with the eMenu. eMenu offers bunch of advantages to both restaurateur as well as the patrons. Use of eMenu lets patrons to enjoy dining by avoiding any kinds of confusions as well as long waiting in queues for ordering their favorite food items. eMenu is the best way to promote weekly/daily special & new arrival items.

How eMenu works at Self Service Restaurants?
Self Service Restaurants
Our eMenu is made up with the latest technology as well as commercializing plethora of hi-tech innovative & high performance technology. eMenu is dedicated to provide following advantages for self service restaurants:
  • Helps patrons with convenient and quick order registration, at the same time overcoming the limitation of patrons requiring waiting in long queues
  • As people tend to eat with their eyes, eMenu helps to boost revenues & sales through the tantalizing visuals, letting them order more.
  • Helps in reinforcing restaurant’s brand image.
  • Helps to serve customer in the best manner through the facility of having customer feedback and evaluating the restaurant’s performance statistically.
  • Fast payment facilities at the terminal itself.
A recent survey on restaurants quoted: “Consumers are now expecting better value in terms of price paid, service consistency and food quality. Consumers are also more interested in using technology and many would use self-service terminals if available.” eMenu is the technological product catering to the demand quoted above. How eMenu works at Self Service Restaurants?

Moreover, eMenu doesn’t require large investment for installing it in Self Service Restaurants. It works on three basic steps as following:
  • Patrons browse eMenu and selects food items.
  • Payment is made.
  • Patron collects the order.
So, forget the costly menu reprinting and promote your offers as well as promotions in convenient and easy option of eMenu utilization.