eMenu is an innovation to revolutionize the way in which restaurant menus are being digitalized in order to attract more and more customers for an unusual dining experience. It is focused on making the very best customer experience possible.
The need of the hour
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Excellent and varied customer service
  • Reinforce businesses' brand image
  • Entertaining guests while they order & relish more food
  • Reduce the waiting time period for customers
The digital technology - eMenu has various features and facilities that meet the above listed requirements. This concept is successful in changing the way customers dine. eMenu has proven itself and more and more venues prefer it to cater to their patrons.
  • Drastically enhances profitability
  • Changes the way to serve customers
  • Rapidly integrates into existing environment
  • Makes the very best customer experience possible
  • Helps to easily incorporate existing company branding and workflow into a powerful meal ordering platform
  • Offers the opportunity to enrich and enhance the dining experience for customers
Guest's Viewpoints Owner's Viewpoints
Easy to use interactive digital menu Faster turn around time leading to higher earnings
Item details, ingredients, calorie count, preparation time & more Optimized manpower & eliminated human errors
Eliminated waiting Additional revenue through advertising
Onscreen ordering, bill view and payment Effective feedback mechanism
Unique entertainment features at the tip of finger Strengthen brand image and customer loyalty
Interactive games, music, videos for all age group Promote weekly/daily special & new arrivals
Easy food selection by attractive visuals Increased sales by attractive food visuals
Clarity about the serving time for the patrons Promote favorite dishes leading to upselling
Interactive dish modifiers Convenient, easy and fast payment option
The advent of eMenu has helped restaurants with an increase in the revenue, wherein, earlier they faced an unidentified problem of revenue loss. eMenu has become a first hand solution for restaurants to mitigate the same.
eMenu benefits restaurant with latent revenue from:
Self Service Restaurants
eMenu serves best to offer benefits to both, guests as well as owners. So, why not invest in the right technology at the right time!! Let the innovative technology penetrate into venues and the customers have the best services for a memorable dining experience. Click here to find out what some of our customers have to say for eMenu.