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Exit Retail Overview
Exit Retail Solutions delivers stable, secure and innovative POS solutions for retailers. Designed by formers retailers, Exit Retail Solutions offers a comprehensive feature set that is affordable and simple to operate. Working in full collaboration with experienced retailers, out technical teams have successfully developed and delivered the industry's most effective, easy to use point-of-sale system available today. We pride ourselves in our fully-integrated business solutions which have been uniquely designed with the independent retailer in mind.

Exit Retail Solutions provides state-of-the art point of sale that enables the retailer to harness the power and speed of advanced technology in order to make immediate and crucial decisions. We guide retailers through the entire POS system process from the initial stages of evaluation and implementation through service and support processes around the world.

Exit Retail Solutions was founded in 2009 by former retail experts, building on twenty years of hands-on experience which has been successfully implemented into the company's end to end POS solutions.

Exit Retail


Stability and reliability of the system is assured with professional development technologies integrated in the system, which has been recognized as well by our satisfied clients in their working experience for a number of years now.

Business manager can at any time, even from a remote location, supervise the work, do the follow up of orders and billings, along with the circulation of money.
This system includes supply and stock control, automatically updated stock lists on a daily basis.


The world commercial standards of information security are integrated in the system. All users, weather managers or waiters, have their own magnetic cards which enable access and use of the system.

Efficiency and organization
The system gives the analysis of the average sale frequency, and creates a group of products being sold most frequently, this way providing an efficient handling of orders and billings.
Exit Retail is a centralized system, which means that multiple POS terminals connected to a central database function simultaneously. In the working process the orders are directly submitted to printers installed on remote locations in the kitchen or bar.

Simple and visually attractive design, in a combination with a touch-screen monitor, guarantees a rather easy orientation in the system, shortest training period and a quick admission to the working process.


Exit Retail is a variable system, which means that it provides some of additional possibilities when needed.
  • Highlight the order so that it is handled out as a priority.
  • Restaurant mode - table managment and handling open orders.
  • Happy hour, automatic deviation of prices is possible in case of a need for change of prices of some products in a specific period of time.
  • Stock control of multiple bars separately, as well as defining its priority according to stations, in other words, the possibility of submitting the order to the closest location whether it is kitchen or bar.