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Certified Hardware
Achieve Best Experience with Certified Hardware

Although eMenu and Exit Retail products are designed to work on any Compatible computer hardware, for best results we strongly recommend using Certified hardware as a best practice.
Positive Technologies's hardware certification process involves multiple Usage tests to ensure proper compatibility and performance with our software Products.
Deploying with certified hardware also ensures more involved technical Assistance since our support group will have immediate access to the same Hardware equipment in our testing lab.
Note: The certified hardware appearing on this website are certified only For the Exit Retail POS Solution product family and eMenu Solution product Family Getting Hardware Certified
If your organization is a hardware manufacturer and is interested to have Your equipment certified, please submit your certification request to

Hardware Certification Usage Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the listing of hardware on the certified list does not Indicate a direct endorsement nor recommendation by Positive Technologies.
Due to the dynamic nature of hardware configuration changes, we cannotGuarantee continued compatibility nor optimal performance.
The purpose of this certification list is to inform our customers of Hardware equipment that has passed our quality tests based on the exact Configuration and unit we received from manufacturer.
Positive Technologies also reserves the right to remove existing certified Hardware based on customer feedback as well as software incompatibilities.
If there are any hardware repair and service related issues, please refer To the manufacturer directly. Positive Technologies is not responsible for The accuracy, experience and quality related to the certified hardware or It’s listing.
Use of the certified hardware list on this website indicate your Acceptance of these terms and conditions as outlined.